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The new world - a way of life..

I have to disappoint you, but.. that new world that everyone is talking about ain't gonna happen over night. It's a process that's gonna happen over time. Just like when we heal from trauma. Don't lose faith though, It will happen, just not in a snap.

How the process goes, is up to us. It depends on how quick or slow our awakening to the new world is. In this process we need to let go of what was to make rom for what is coming. It takes courage to change and we need to stop denying what's really happening in the world and in our lifes to do that.

We need to see the shadows, our own shadows. Look into the depth. We need to heal our own wounds, we need to figure out what we want, not what the ego wants, but the spirit, your soul. We need to connect with ourselves. We need to connect to nature again. We need to stop doing things and buying things just to make ourselves feel better. We need to see our coping mechanisms, how we use them to escape from reality. We need to learn how to be uncomfortable and go througe our feelings, not past them. We need to end the zero sum game, the win or lose, because if one lose, the other one can't win when it comes to relationships. We need to find the win win solution to make any relationship work. We need to appreciate the process, not just doing things to get to the goal. Because the goal can change, and that would be very disappointing, sometimes even devastating, if we didn't enjoy the process.

And most importantly, we need to learn how to love on a deeper level where we take other people and nature as a part of our self.

And then, while we do all this and learn all of this, the new world will slowly arise as we too shall rise to the 5D frequency.

««It's like we are watching the sunset, the end of what was. Now we need to go through the night, see the dark, before the light of the sun slowly comes over the horizon and gives us a new day, a new world, a new way of life. And deep inside you is that good warm feeling of faith, trust, love and oneness and that knowingness that tells you that everything is exactly as it should be.»»

Remember, you have chosen to be here at this time to do this work.

And I'm proud of you!

Love Linda

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