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Cut and Paste

A copy-cut-paste you want that? Do you want a copy-cut-paste-life?

While you write your own story..let it resonate with YOU.

Don't just copy, cut and paste others opinions, way of life, how they speak, how they spend money, what kind of education or job they choose, how they dress, what they eat or what they belive in, in to your story.

Write your own story and let it change with you as you change.

Create your life, your story, the way you want it to be, with your beliefs, opinions and passions.

Dare to be different, dare to be YOU.

And don't hold onto old opinions or truth that don't fit you and your story anymore. Your opinions and your truth isn't supposed to be the same all your life, they change as you learn new things, as you grow and get to know yourself better. Sometimes you just have to sit with yourself and listen to the inner voice, really listen, in silence, to hear what it's telling you.

Then you know how YOUR story goes..

Love and blessings on your way 💕 Linda

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